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The Dissertation Proposal Format: 5 Basic Points

When writing any major academic paper, such as a dissertation, you may be required to write a proposal section as part of your work. If you have not written a proposal section as part of an essay before then you may be wondering exactly what you need to do as part of the work. In order to give you a better understanding of the format and structure required the following outlines five basic points to consider whilst composing your proposal.

  1. Introducing the topic that you will discuss

    One of the first things that you will need to do is introduce the particular topic that you will be discussing as part of your paper. You do not necessarily need to go into great detail; however, it is important that the reader is aware very early on exactly what it is that you will be writing about. Furthermore, they will probably have a general awareness after having read your title; however, you still need to ensure that there is no doubt as to what you will be researching and writing about.

  2. Including a hypothesis

    You will most likely base your dissertation on some form of hypothesis, and it is important to include this hypothesis as part of your proposal. Essentially, with an understanding of what topic you will discuss, as well as an awareness of the hypothesis that you will be referring to throughout your paper, anyone reading your proposal should have a good understanding of why you are doing the work.

  3. Referring to relevant studies

    In order to demonstrate that you have an awareness of the subject that you are discussing, it can be a good idea to include any relevant studies, particularly those that the most associated with the hypothesis that you have made.

  4. Outline any research methods

    You will almost certainly have to use a wide variety of different research methods in order to create your essay. Therefore, you should outline and discuss any of the methods that you expect to use as part of your work.

  5. Proposing a realistic timeframe

    Finally, an important aspect of your proposal is that you provide a realistic timeframe for when you will do the work. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly review exactly what it is that you expect to do, so as to ensure that any timeframe you create is as accurate as possible.

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