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12 Impressive Property Development Dissertation Ideas

Property development encompasses a large range of activities, from buying land and improving it with all required buildings and facilities, to renovating existing constructions and selling them to prospective buyers. All these areas can make great subjects for research proposals. Look through the following list of impressive dissertation ideas on property development and come up with your own strong dissertation proposal and topic:

  1. Redevelopment of infrastructure in a large city preparing for an international festival/ sports event.

    Choose any city in your geographical area and any large-scale event that recently took place there. Conduct research on what changes and innovations were introduced there.

  2. Influence of the Olympic Games on land usage in the area.

    Investigate the preparation process for the Olympics. How are old properties on the required land bought out? How is land cleared and prepared for construction works?

  3. Auctions to assess current property markets.

    How are auctions effective? Do they help appraise real states of affairs?

  4. Structural optimization of highways and airport runways.

    In your dissertation, conduct research on modern improvements in steel, concrete, or asphalt structures that are applied in aforementioned constructions. Are there any promising development directions in the area?

  5. Using waste materials for good.

    For example, find out how waste rubber is being used for constructing new roads and highways. Are there any new interesting ideas by property developers in the field?

  6. Conventional and modern methods of repairing historic buildings: comparative analysis.

    Find out how the repair field has developed recently. Are modern methods more effective?

  7. Educational background and required skills that a good conservation specialist should have: comparative analysis of the requirements in the US and UK.

    How are conservation specialists trained in different countries?

  8. Design competitions: do they help create better buildings?

    Delve into the history of design competitions. How effective are they?

  9. National parks in America: policies and future perceptions.

    Compare the situation with national parks in developing countries.

    Analyze how effectively national parks are preserved. How are facilities maintained there?

  10. Problems in heritage conservation.

    Analyze existing problems (financial, managerial, philosophical, etc.) that are encountered by your country in the sphere of heritage conservation.

  11. Water resources in your area: allocations, problems, and perspectives.

    In your dissertation, research how water resources are allocated in your area. Are there possibilities for building new water constructions?

  12. Agricultural property development schemes: looking into the future.

    Analyze the current situation in the field. What should be done to ensure a positive course of development?

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