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Fifteen Good History Thesis Topics You Should Consider

When it comes to choosing a topic for the most important paper of your academic career -- your history thesis -- the task can be extremely challenging and daunting. With the vastness of the subject matter, it is often difficult to narrow it down to just one element.

One of the easiest ways to begin the thought process for a topic that is going to get you fired up is by thinking of all the various events throughout history that interest you. Once you have a list of potentials, ask yourself the following: Why are these events meaningful? How was society affected by them?

In order to get you started, here are fifteen excellent topics that you may want to consider working with:

  1. Etruscans: What were the origins of these mysterious people? How was their society and culture reflected in their tomb paintings?
  2. Stonehenge: Who was responsible for the building of this established world wonder and what purpose did it serve?
  3. Phoenicians: Were they the true discoverers of America?
  4. Confucianism: How was the culture and thought development of the Chinese impacted by Confucius?
  5. The Nazca Lines: Only able to be viewed from space, what explanation is there for these mysterious drawings in Peru's Sechura Desert?
  6. Geography's Impact on History: To what extent did the distinct lack of arable land contribute to the culture of Japan? How was the development of Greek culture affected by the lack of natural resources? With Mesopotamian and Egyptian geography being so similar, what makes such a marked difference between their political and histories?
  7. The Lost City of Atlantis: What is the history behind the mystery and myth?
  8. Yugoslavia's Breakup: What factors caused the country's breakup?
  9. Chinese Family Planning: Was it necessary for the government of China to implement the family planning program, and has it been a failure or a success?
  10. Chernobyl: How did the Soviet government handle the incident and what can be learned from it?
  11. Tiananmen Square: What effects did the massacre have on the Chinese people, and how did the demonstration reflect the discontent the people had towards their government?
  12. Japanese Culture: How and why did the Japanese develop their attitude towards committing suicide?
  13. Chinese Culture: Has there been any change in the role and status of women in China? How was their position in society a reflection of the requirement to have their feet bound?
  14. The Bermuda Triangle: Is there any way to explain this Caribbean mystery?
  15. Maoris: What has changed in their culture since colonization by Europe?
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