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Software Engineering Dissertation Ideas For University Students

Are you searching for great ideas for your dissertation paper in the software engineering field? This is a specialized field, highly technical and you need to have a really compelling topic and argument statement for your paper. The following list of ideas will help you get started in creating a unique and interesting topic for your paper.

  1. Virtual classrooms
  2. Bluetooth home automation
  3. Purchasing loyalty based on smart or value cards
  4. Pro-net communication
  5. Collaborative media creation
  6. The interaction of laser pointers and projected computer displays
  7. Static testing for source code
  8. Education software for use in school systems
  9. Administrative software development for large corporations
  10. Developing quality comprehensive models
  11. Security system using cryptography for DNS
  12. The client applications for chat servers
  13. Implementing a mini search engine
  14. Student information system
  15. Vehicle management system

The key is taking a simple idea and brainstorming new angles, interesting key points, arguable subtopics.

Think of the above ideas as a springboard or starting point. With a little research and some inner thinking, you could soon extrapolate from the starting point to one of many interesting angles related to that topic.

How do you know if your dissertation idea is to general or too specific? That’s a good question that warrants an answer. A topic is too broad or generalized when:

  • You can’t cover it adequately in detail in the scope of your paper
  • You notice your supporting statements and subtopics are also too broad
  • There are too many sources available to do a detailed and exhaustive research on it

Your topic is too narrow when:

  • When you can adequately discuss the topic in detail in less than the required amount of content for your paper
  • You aren’t able to find enough background material for sources and references because there simply isn’t enough available on such a highly focused and narrow topic

When you can find adequate information to thoroughly examine your subject, then your topic is probably just right. When you are able to create informative and interesting support statements for your topic, you’ve got it perfectly focused. To get help in polishing and tweaking your topic until it’s just right, go to the library or ask a trained and experienced librarian to assist you. They are excellent at finding resource material and can help you determine the focus of your topic.

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