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The Top 10 Great Ideas For Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Writing a marketing dissertation can be incredibly rewarding, it will require you to carefully analyze real world problems and deal with complex psychological and sociological issues. The field of marketing is also fairly broad in scope, so there are many options for you to choose a topic which is interesting for you personally. This is extremely important, as good dissertations require a lot of time and effort. If you aren't interested in the subject you have chosen it will very quickly become a chore, but if you have a genuine interest in the topic then the process of writing your dissertation will be considerably easier and more enjoyable.

For this reason alone it is worth spending a lot of time considering exactly what aspect of marketing you are most interested in, and what possible dissertation topics best match your interest in the subject. While it is important to make sure that whatever dissertation title you decide on is unique to you personally, it can be useful to have a few examples in order to jumpstart the creative process.

Ten Great Subjects for a Marketing Dissertation

  • What has caused the relative failure of Tesco's marketing efforts in America compared to the United Kingdom?
  • An analysis of the difference in branding strategy between Barack Obama's first and second presidential campaigns.
  • An analysis of the ethics in advertisement campaigns targeted toward children, using Haribo as the primary case study.
  • What efforts did the major high street banks make to rebrand themselves after the 2007 financial crisis?
  • Do modern brands take full advantage of the promotional opportunities available through social media and the internet?
  • To what extent will advertising always be a step behind modern communication technology and internet trends?
  • How have price comparison websites affected the marketing of airlines/ insurance companies/ banks/ hotels?
  • What steps could Malaysia Airlines take to remarket their brand effectively in the wake of a disastrous and tragic 2014?
  • An analysis of the ways in which Disney is promoting the newest Star Wars film in light of the previous six films.
  • The console wars: Why was Sony's PS4 so successful after the previous iteration was less popular than both the Xbox and Nintendo Wii?

These are just some ideas to get you started. Some of these titles are deliberately too broad and should be applied to a specific location or business in order to make them more manageable.

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