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How To Choose Winning Dissertation Topics: A List Of Ideas

You will want to select a topic for your dissertation that is trendy and is traditional. You should compile a list of ideas that relate to your field and then you should go see your advisor. Your advisor’s input is instrumental in your topic selection. Your advisor will know what topics will lend help to make a stellar dissertation. Always, always listen to your advisor and let him or her have the last word when it comes to the topic. Some possible topics might be

Possible Dissertation Topics

  • Compare and Contrast-this idea can be used in any field. You can compare a traditional idea and a new idea or a founding force in your field and an emerging force
  • They were wrong, oh no-this topic can be tricky, but you can question a concept or an idea in your field, before you do this-make sure the facts are there to support your innovative theory
  • Have you ever-maybe you have a great new idea, the odds are that your advisor will not let you write about this, but you can give it a try
  • Because-in many cases, a business or industry exists because of a mistake or some weird event, explore one of hose strange beginnings in your dissertation
  • Emerging-look at trending ideas in your field and make educated and supported projections about their success or lack of success
  • Movers and Shakers-explore the strong forces in your field and what shared attributes or characteristics they might have
  • Why-why do certain trends happen and what are the results of these trends, you can find a trend or movement in your major that intrigues you

Some or all of your dissertation may be published and you will have to argue your dissertation. You want to love your topic. Remember, you will spend a lot of time with it, so you want to have a lot of interest in your topic. The odds are very great that there is one part of your field that really interests you more than other parts or that you are drawn to. You should consider finding a topic or sub-topic in that part of your major and then make a list of possible dissertation topics. Once you make that list of possible topics, go to see your advisor and come up with the perfect dissertation topic for you.

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