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Where To Go Looking For A Dissertation Proposal Presentation Example

The presentation of a dissertation proposal can be nerve wracking. One false move and you may find yourself having to start from scratch with no understanding of when your misstep actually took place. If you would like to wow your panel you would do well to access a few examples of well done presentations. This can be done by using any of the following means:

Search a video sharing site

Successfully presented proposals share many features in common and not all of them can be conveyed effectively through text or still images alone. A video site can show you why some were spectacularly successful and why others fail. On top of all that you can use it to compare your own speech giving abilities to those of the presenter in the sample that you source. Film yourself and critique your own skills objectively to get the greatest benefit from the process.

Use a search engine to find PPT slides

If you use the most common search engines you will find yourself in possession of the slide shows that many successful presenters used for their dissertation proposals. This is only part of the process of course. PPT slides are meant as an aid and a good one should not contain everything the presenter intends to say. The usefulness in this type of sample comes from your ability to structure your own slides similarly as a result of viewing it.

Search the library

This can be a tough one, If the majority of the proposal presentations do not make their way to the library you will have very little to search. Fortunately, most students opt to give a written version of their work to the panel for reference after they are finished. If you can get your hands on a few of these you will benefit. It does not help as much as watching a video unfortunately because much of the presentation’s salient features are conveyed in body language and intonation.

Ask your professor

Sometimes a professor who has served on a panel will willingly hand over their precious students’ work for use as samples. This can increase the quality of work from one year to the next.

A good sample that has had thought and effort put into it by a dedicated student is an amazing resource. In the absence of one, make sure to create good work so that later generations can benefit.

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