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The Top 20 Dissertation Question Ideas You Wouldn't Think Of

Your dissertation is far different from anything you have written before. You must have taken up the dissertation route for a reason, and may be pretty much decided on your subject of research. The problem with dissertation topics is that they are not really topics at all. Dissertation questions are meant to be questions about the subject. Therefore, you have two subject topics blended into a question statement. Wait! Did that get a little confusing? It did. Ok, the first subject or topic is from your field of study. Let us assume it is economics. A subject from economics may be banking. Now to make a dissertation question you have to have an angle. That angle, for example, global collapse of economy, is your second subject. The dissertation question would go something g like this: the impact on banks of the global collapse of economy. Therefore, Idea #1 is that you should have a list of topics that can connect with your field of research and make for a fantastic question.

Here is a list of random topic ideas that you can use:

  1. Sexism in […]
  2. Racism and […]
  3. Terrorism’s affects on… or […] causes of terrorism. (Economic/social/genetic/historical etc.)
  4. The global collapse of economy [and its impacts on….] or the [….] cause of the global collapse of economy
  5. Poverty [causes/alleviation/plans/programs]
  6. The theory of survival of the fittest
  7. Market economy and its impact on women/children’s lives
  8. Religion and
  9. Scientific/technological advancements in […]
  10. Why Marx was right about […]
  11. Nationalism and […]
  12. The factors that determine the overall level of consciousness of a society
  13. Unemployment and [crime/hunger/illness/mortality/suicide etc.]
  14. Unemployment [a plan to eliminate/ cannot be eliminated/ is good for economy/ etc.]
  15. Pollution and [the greenhouse effect/ food quality/ marine life/ wilderness/ cancers/ life/ solution/why it is not going to stop]
  16. Genetics and [personality/ illness/ overrated/ religion etc.]
  17. Competition and […]
  18. Super foods and [brain growth in children/ health/ life/ hoax/ money/ cost/poverty etc.]
  19. Health facilities and […]
  20. Evolution of [….]

These generic topics can fit into just about any field of research except hardcore science. You can find other lists and discuss your topic ideas with your supervisor to reach a decision. Try being ultra-relaxed while developing your topic. This is just the beginning!

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