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A List Of Interesting Town Planning Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Essentially, town planning is the most important aspect in development of a country. Without proper town planning, the infrastructure, buildings and designs will be poor, leading to dissatisfaction from the people. The idea of town planning extends beyond the common conception of simply developing an area; it consists of eco-friendly planning, impact on societies, green spaces, globalization and many more.

This is a list that will provide you with insights on different ideas that you could consider for your dissertation.

Compare and Contrast

This is a fact-based dissertation that circulates around different town planning ideas. Potentially, you could compare and contrast the following:

  • Town planning policies between different governments
  • Town planning policies between different countries
  • Present and past town planning and their differences
  • Location and its effect of town planning

These are several ideas that you can compare and contrast. Obviously it should be interesting to you as well.


A broader dissertation topic would be to discuss different town planning methods. It may not necessarily be as in-depth as other dissertation topics, but it is more like an exploratory study that future scholars can discuss upon. Some of the topics may be:

  • How has globalization affect town planning
  • Should town planning plan for the future
  • Is sustainable urban development necessary
  • How can effective town planning lead to increased productivity

Here are just several simple examples from a many more. Obviously discussion dissertation topics require plenty of research. The argument has to be logical and convincing as well. It is also important that the topic chosen has value in helping future scholars. It would also require quite a bit of primary research, but it is certainly worthy of investigation.


There is a wealth of literature in the scholarly world and there are bound to be concepts and theories of town planning. Try picking out several theories that might interest you and do some background research. Some of the topics and theories that you might find interesting include:

  • Gentrification and its effects
  • Urban development and marginalization
  • Eco-friendly development
  • Government policies

Again, these are simply some examples of what kind of theories you could explore. There is an endless amount of concepts, so pick one and if it interests you, just give it a try. Concepts and theories require a lot of secondary research, though some primary research would help.

This is a short guide to help with your dissertation and hopefully you will gain some ideas and be able to put it into good use.

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