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A List Of Unique Psychology Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Any pupil currently studying any field in the subject of psychology will know how difficult it is to think of a unique and create dissertation question and/or topic. So much writing is coming out so often that it can often seem as though there is nothing new or exciting to start on. However, since this field is so vast, there are actually plenty of interesting titles to consider. Listed below are just a few of the hundreds of possibilities open to the student of psychology at any level.

  1. To what extent is pain influenced by the emotional state of a subject?
  2. Is the prefrontal area the most important part of the cortex in determining what makes a human ‘human’?
  3. Describe and explain the different areas of the brain that are used when speaking a native language or speaking and/or learning a second language.
  4. How is the plasticity of the human brain different in adults to that of children?
  5. How successfully can MRI studies map brain function?
  6. Is there a quantifiable explanation for the perception of time - what happens in the brain when time seems to fly compared to when time seems to go by slowly?
  7. What is subliminal perception and can it be said to exist by itself?
  8. Does the idea that the right and left hemispheres of the human brain govern different methods of processing information have any quantifiable basis?
  9. Can diets affect the mental health of subjects?
  10. Are people who suffer from learning difficulties more likely to have phobias?
  11. Can the use of social media platforms increase the likelihood of self-harm in adolescents?
  12. What are the current attitudes to mental illnesses as portrayed by television advertisements?
  13. How does detachment syndrome affect the brain and the behaviour of children?
  14. To what extent can determining different ‘learning styles’ in children from an early age help improve their academic performance?

The unique examples listed above offer an insight into the vast array of choices that lay before the feet of the psychology student. And one of these dissertation titles can be applied at any level - at undergraduate or postgraduate, for instance - to great success. Remember that any one of these essay titles can be altered slightly to fit your particular strengths and interests, and they will still make for fantastic reading and great grades!

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