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Inventing Brilliant Veterinary Nursing Dissertation Ideas

Veterinary nurses assist veterinary surgeons. They are the core workers of every veterinary clinic. They take care of ill or harmed animals. Also, they play an important role when it comes to educating owners of animals. Veterinary nurses should know how to behave with animals and be able to explain it to owners. This is important, because when owners treat their pets well, those animals will likely live healthy and happy lives.

Choosing your dissertation topic related to veterinary nursing may be an interesting and difficult task. The scope of veterinary nurses’ work is very broad, so there are many topics for you to choose from. It’s better to avoid general topics, because they have less value than the narrow ones. If you don’t know what topic to choose, look at the list given below. It’s likely that some of these examples will inspire you to come up with a brilliant idea.

  1. How to deal with violent owners.

    This dissertation topic allows you to discuss what a veterinary nurse can do to prevent or stop violent behavior of owners towards their pets.

  2. Equine arthritis.

    Do research and describe in your work a role of a veterinary nurse in treating osteoarthritis in horses.

  3. Equine laminitis.

    Investigate in your paper the role of a veterinary nurse in preventing and dealing with this disease.

  4. Orthopedic surgery.

    Explore the role of a veterinary nurse when it comes to physiotherapy and rehabilitation of animals after orthopedic surgery.

  5. Zoonosis.

    This dissertation topic allows you to discuss a role of a veterinary nurse in zoonosis prevention.

  6. Crib-biting.

    Investigate in your paper what a veterinary nurse can do about this matter. How can a veterinary nurse make the owner of a horse understand this problem?

  7. Graduate veterinary nursing.

    Here you can discuss the history of veterinary nursing and describe its evolution through the years.

  8. Improving veterinary nursing.

    This topic gives you an opportunity to express your ideas on how to improve working conditions for veterinary nurses and increase their performance.

  9. Veterinary nursing and gender.

    Here you can investigate whether a gender of a veterinary nurse makes any difference. Do owners of animals prefer female or male nurses?

  10. Different approaches to veterinary nursing.

    Do research and find out whether the role of a veterinary nurse differs in other countries. What are the alternative approaches?

You can write your dissertation on one of these topics. Also, you can take a topic and narrow it to make your research even deeper.

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