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10 Sample Dissertation Defense Questions You Need To Be Ready For

Presenting your thesis properly is a major factor of evaluation. A perfect exposition can make give you success. While you are presenting your point of view, many questions will come in front of you and you have to give answers of all those questions. Another thing is your answer should have enough potential to clear all the doubts of the questioner. In one word you have to be ready to defend all kind of obstacles.

Tips to prepare yourself

To be prepared for a giving presentation you have to ready answer of some common questions. Some steps should be followed to defense all kind of question that may arise from your writing. Points which you should follow to avoid dissertation questions and type of questions which may be asked are as follows:-

  • Know the format of the thesis defense – Basically you have to know the format of the thesis submission. May be you have to give a presentation on the topic or they will take a viva voce. It's varies country to country.
  • If you have to give presentation on your point of view then prepare it properly. One more thing you should know everything about the content of the presentation. You should know each every word in detail.
  • Plan how will you give the presentation.
  • Practice your presentation.
  • Check whether they have any time limit or not. If there is any time limit like 15 minutes or anything else then try to complete your presentation within that time. Various awkward questions may arise.
  • Examiner may ask you something which you don’t know and it is very true that one person will not be able to know each and everything. But try to read all the topics which are related to your project and if you are not able to answer the question of the examiner then, give an answer which will make the examiner happy.
  • Know the basic topic very properly and have a clear concept on the core content of your thesis.
  • Don’t get nervous in front of the examiner, because your nervousness will affect the entire thing badly and the result can be worst.
  • Don’t speak very fast to prove how much you know. Go slowly and calmly and be steady.
  • Evaluation is done on the content of your thesis and how you react in front of the examiner. So try to present yourself in a best way you can.
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