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How To Write A Strong Dissertation Conclusion: Guidelines And Examples

You in the home stretch of writing your final paper but you are stuck on the conclusion. Your conclusion has to be just as strong as the rest of your dissertation. You can’t compose a great final paper and then lose them on the ending, what should you do? Turn to the Internet; it has all you need to write a great ending to your dissertation. Online you can find guidelines and examples from people that have written a dissertation before or academic sites that were created to help students succeed in their studies. There are so many components that go into writing a conclusion that you don’t want to leave out anything important. All of these places will ensure that you write a strong conclusion to it and earn your PHD.

Where To Find Guidelines And Examples

  • People that have written a dissertation before are some of the best people to get advice from. They have been where you are at right now and they understand all the work and stress that it takes to write it. One of the best writing places you can go and find advice and guidelines is PHD Talk. PHD Talk is a blogspot website that is run by Eva Lantsoght, who has experience writing dissertations. On her website you will find a two part article about writing a conclusion for it. It tells you everything you need to compose your own conclusion and she gives some great advice.
  • The University of Warwick’s website has a detailed page that is dedicated to help you write a conclusion to your dissertation. Here you will get all of the guidelines as well as examples of a conclusion that you can look at to help you compose your own.
  • Academia is one of the best sites out there to help students with various aspects of their studies. One of their best explanations on their website is about how to write a conclusion. Here a woman by the name of Louise Edwards created a get explanation of the subject. She goes into great detail about how to write one as well explaining the fear that goes into composing one. The post also tells you what to avoid and what should be in your conclusion. Using all three of these websites, you will be able to write your dissertation conclusion in no time.
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