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Writing A Successful PhD Dissertation Methodology On Foreign Literature

There are different types of papers that you will be asked to write from time to time, and with your dissertation coming up all of these are supposed to help you get ready for the huge task that lies ahead. In most cases by the time you get to work on the dissertation, you should probably have had enough experience with a lot of the other papers that you have been working on in the past, and all of them will have gotten you ready for the final paper that you write before you get to graduate.

For example if you are asked to write one on foreign literature, you need to pay special attention to the methodology section, because this is the one place where teachers easily determine whether you really did pay attention to the instructions, and most importantly whether or not you did the work or if you just happened to copy it from somewhere. In as far as this section is concerned you should pay attention to all the important points, and with a special emphasis on the data collection methods.

For foreign literature, it is rather expected that you might have to use secondary sources of information, but depending on the amount of time that you have been allowed for this task, at times you will also be lucky with primary sources. The data collection methods therefore will be the breaking point of your paper. Say for example you have been given one month or just a few weeks shy of a month to do this work, there is no way that your teachers expect you to deliver solid primary research while at the same time going through with the rest of your school work. Therefore in the event that you are to claim that you sampled thousands of responses across the divide, through interviews and questionnaires handed out, this would be a white lie, and you would be caught dead in your step.

What we are trying to say here is that in as much as you want to be creative with your work and make it reasonably believable, it is still important for you to make sure that you focus on paying attention to the real facts. Make sure that you do not stretch the truth too far for if you get caught in a lie, you might not know how to get out of it.

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