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How To Compose A Good Dissertation Proposal Using Free Online Samples

What is a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is the synopsis for your research work that you need to submit to your teacher for approval before you move on with the rest of the paper. This shows the basic aim and purpose of your research and includes the topic you will be addressing for your paper. You need to show why you chose to write on a particular subject and what research methodologies you will adopt for data collection and analysis in this paper.

If the teacher approves your proposal, you will need to continue with the dissertation writing process. If they want you to edit or modify it then you should do so. If they reject the proposal, you will have to start all over again.

How to compose a good proposal using online examples

Students need to look for dissertation help from reliable examples so that they can follow it for their paper. This will help them save time and efforts as they will not have to compose a dissertation from scratch and will at least have an idea about the overall format and structure, they need to follow for the dissertation.

Here is a quick guide for how you can compose a good dissertation following an example.

Search the internet

The first thing you need to do is to search the internet to find your required results. This will require using the right keywords and phrases to obtain narrowed down results against your search query. You need to be direct and precise during the search or you will get lost among millions of information.

Find relevant examples

Not everything you find on the internet is relevant to your search. First thing you need to understand is to trust organic search results only. Paid advertisements will rarely get you to the right information. You need to filter out your options from the examples you find. Make sure you are going to follow a dissertation proposal aimed at your grade.

Filter out the one that relates the best to your topic

There will be many proposal examples; you need to find the one that relates the most to your topic so that you can follow it closely.


  • Highlight important details in this proposal
  • Ask your teacher for guidance
  • Write the first draft and ask your friends to view it
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