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Things To Consider About Proper Dissertation Citation

When you write a creative paper, you can take all liberties. Your only aim is to craft a winsome and interesting piece. However, when you compile a dissertation, you have to play by the book and not to the galleries.

Points of authority

There are different ways to ensure an authoritative feeling about this research piece. One of the most emphatic tenets is citation. When you cite credible sources, it appears that you have actually shed sweat and conjured an original piece. However, you have to consider a few things while citing –

  • Credible sources – The first thing you need to ensure is the status of sources. You cannot play with muck. The references all have to be point-perfecta and authoritative. Moreover, they have to be spat to the relation of the topical theme.
  • Format style – You have to be consistent with the format style you have chosen. Every format style (e.g. MLA, APA) has distinct rules and you have to stick to them. Format style plays a great rule in convincing the reader that the paper is not plagiarized.
  • Right alignment – The citation has to be first referred to in the page you mention the related discussion. You can give a subtle definition of the source on the footnote. However, the structured alignment of reference has to be made in the reference page. Here, you have to be correct to the tee.
  • Proper notation – You should cite with full details. For instance, if you cite a book or a journal; you should mention the page you have picked the reference from. If you have utilized a winning extract from somewhere, you should credit the source and not leave it as if it is your own creation.
  • Connection should be made – You should play to the texture and not the broader connotation. For instance, if you are writing about child disorder, you should not refer to a book by a psychologist that deals with a different ailment.
  • Making multiple references – You can place citations of different books of the same author. There is no restriction imposed on that, subject to the fact that all the books relate to the topical theme.

Take all precautions

You can check the seasoned manner of citation by going through eminent samples. You should take due care of the zone while proofreading your dissertation. You should make amends if there are any holes left unhealed. It is after all your baby.

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