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General Instructions For Writing An APA Dissertation Introduction

An introduction is a very important part of a dissertation. It gives the reader the basic information about the context and purposes of the study. If you want your APA dissertation to grab the attention of the reader, you should put serious effort into composing its introduction. Otherwise, you won’t get the highest score for your work.

Components to Include in a Dissertation Introduction

  1. Introductory paragraph.

    Start your paper with stating the general field of interest. Finish it with a sentence that indicates what your study is aimed for.

  2. Background of the issue.

    This should be a brief summary of your literature review. You need to include this so that the reader understands the context of your study.

  3. Purpose of the research.

    You should indicate the gap in the knowledge and state that you’re going to fill it with your study.

  4. Significance of the research.

    It’s also necessary to explain why this gap in the knowledge should be researched and who will benefit from your study.

  5. Research questions.

    State the exact questions that you’re going to answer in your paper. The “Results” section of your dissertation should contain answers on these particular questions.

  6. Research methodology.

    You should briefly describe the methods that you’ve chosen for your study. List the participants, instruments, and procedures of your research.

  7. Theoretical framework.

    You should present the main theory upon which your work is based.

  8. Assumptions and limitations.

    You should demonstrate the scope of your dissertation by providing the reader with the information about the assumptions upon which you conduct your study and factors that limit your actions.

  9. Definition of key terms.

    You should define the meaning of the terms that might sound ambiguous so that the reader understands everything you say clearly and doesn’t get confused.

  10. Summary.

    To create a good transition, you should briefly describe the contents of the following body chapters.

Help with Dissertation Writing

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