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A Comprehensive Manual On Writing A Dissertation Proposal

Every student has to go through the challenge of writing a dissertation at some point of his/her studentship. One of the most important steps towards it is to write a proposal which will explain your goals and methods of achieving them. 1000+ words is usually enough to reveal your plans in detail but you should also remember that depending on your course, the length and structure can differ.

Even though that proposal doesn’t have to have the exact plan of your research, it will help you narrow down the direction for your work.

The Topic of the Dissertation

The first step of writing any dissertation proposal is picking the topic. First of all, it should correspond to your field of study. You should also make sure it can be completed by the deadline. You should think carefully about the topic you choose because you will need to present a perfectly clear understanding of your goals and approaches to achieve them.

Keys to Composing a Good Dissertation Proposal

The path to a quality proposal lies in several key aspects:

  1. Introduction.

    In the introduction, you need to name your goals or the questions you want to find answers to. Also, you need to explain the importance of your work.

  2. Objectives.

    It’s very important to include the objectives of your research. You should explain why this particular topic is important to you. You should also give your predictions for the outcome your research might have.

  3. Methodology.

    You will need to reveal the methods of your research. Explain what data exactly you need to gather. It’s also advised to reveal the sources you are willing to use for gathering that information and explain why these particular sources are more valuable for your research. Explaining all that will help you narrow down your approach.

You can also connect your research to the studies completed before you and explain the differences in approaches and why you believe you can achieve bigger and better results.

It would also be great if you explain the role of your research in a bigger picture. Explain what you are hoping to accomplish and why this work is important not only to you, but to everyone else.

Remember that depending on your course, requirements might differ and so might the structure of your proposal. You might not need some of the sections like an objective or a methodology.

The proposal will also benefit from a title because it will narrow down the topic for you and help you see a clear path to your goals.

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