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How To Come Up With Interesting Dissertation Topics In Nursing

Dissertations can be difficult to write at times. The basic difficulty lies in finding a proper topic, more so if you are writing on nursing. Nursing is all about being on the field and doing work. To find a topic related to nursing to write on can be difficult. Still, dissertation is a big part of the curriculum, and so you not only need to find a god topic, but also an interesting one. Here are a few things you can write on.

Topics for nursing essays

  • Research related – you can write on research related topics. This might include the effect of some experimental or new drug on patient. It does not necessarily need to concentrate on the physical effects, but can be abut psychological effects and side effects as well.
  • Case studies – case studies are always interesting topic for dissertations. If you have personally come across some interesting and unusual case, or you know of any such unpublished cases, you can write on them. In case studies you get good amount of data to work with.
  • Procedures – there are many new and unorthodox techniques and practices that are being introduced to the medical world. If you have come across any such procedure, you can write on them as well for your dissertation.

Other than these broad categories, if you find any other interesting topic to write on, you can go ahead with that as well. Your main aim should be to find something original and exclusive so that you get proper gradation.

Tips to find original ideas

Coming up with something novel is the main obstacle in writing a dissertation. Once you get your idea, you will find the necessary related information either by online surfing or in books. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind while looking for ideas.

  • Try to find simple ideas. If you try and figure out something complex, it is less likely you come up with something original.
  • Choose easy and small topics. Dissertations are not very long, and so if you chose a very big topic, you will not have enough space to write about it.
  • Stop reading other dissertations. If you already know the format of how to write these things, then read books or articles. Otherwise, you might end up with plagiarized work.

Having these small things in mind can help you have a great write paper.

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