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Recommendations For Composing A Good Master’s Thesis In Economics

When it is time for you to submit a proposal for your master’s, you want to compose a solid thesis. This one statement is the driving force behind the entire paper. In the study of economics, be it micro or macro, you have a balancing act to perform. You want to show your knowledge of core principles and broach a trending or current topic in the field. Most economists will admit that there are ten principles, which drive the field:

  • Tradeoffs and people facing them
  • The road between inflation and unemployment
  • What an item really costs (as in what you give up to get it)
  • Overprinting of money and the increase in prices
  • Margin moves and rational people
  • The standard of living via production of goods and accompanying service
  • Incentives and reactions
  • Market improvement through government
  • Economic activity organization
  • Benefits of trade for everyone

As you proceed to build your thesis statement, you should focus on at least one of these ideas. Then, you will want to find your specialty focus and your main points. As you look at main point ideas, you have to make sure that the ones you select can be supported.

This support needs to come from academic databases, media, and experts in the field. It can come via interviews, surveys, studies, stories, quotes, analysis, graphics, pie charts, and experiments. If any of the evidence seems flimsy, you will want to discard it. When it comes to your interviews, consider authors, professors, and professionals in the field of economics.

The thesis statement at this point of your academic career is no longer just one sentence. It is usually a paragraph. It will still contain the sentence plus background and an advanced attention getter.

You will want to make sure the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar is all perfect. If you struggle with compositions, you may want to employ the help of a writing company. They can guide you from beginning to end of the entire process. For some people, the support system is necessary. Other people employ a tutor for more personal assistance, and then some people simply utilize the campus-writing center. However you build your support system, just remember that the most important part of the paper will be your thesis statement. So move carefully through the process and follow our tips as you write the economics thesis statement you need for a quality paper.

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