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10 Tips For Creating A Good PhD Dissertation In English Literature

When it comes to writing a good PhD dissertation in English literature, many students feel butterflies in their stomach. The reason is obvious. English literature is one vast field of study and you may well be get spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a topic for your thesis. The best way to write a thesis is to study thoroughly and regularly and attending classes. There are no shortcuts to writing a good thesis in English literature. However, here are some tips to make the thesis writing process easier for you.

  1. Approach a professor

    Your professors are always in search of good students who can come up with good research ideas. You can almost always seek an appointment with a professor in your department and discuss your ideas with him. This way, you can explore many more dissertation topics and get to the real business only in a matter of time.

  2. Learn to take ownership

    It’s your thesis and you are the parents to it. It is you who have to explain certain things in viva. You will find many students in your classroom who want to get rid of this part. They often outsource the academic writing work to ghost writers and academic writing mills. Never do it. Learn to take ownership. Nobody outside your discipline will be able to come up with a better idea than you.

  3. Write as you proceed

    While researching is central to the entire process writing a good PhD dissertation in English literature, you should write as you proceed. Do not just collect notes. Make writing a habit.

  4. Finish it

    It is nowhere written on the wall that you have to make it perfect at the first go. Finish writing your paper. For fine-tuning, you will get enough time afterwards.

  5. It’s all in the packaging

    More than how perfect your college dissertation is, you need to give emphasis on proper formatting, style, give citations before you submit your paper.

  6. The viva is the platform

    The viva is where you can explain your research, show how hard you worked for the dissertation. This is the platform where you can unfold yourself as an industrious PhD student before leading academics. Utilize the scope.

  7. Life after PhD

    Plan your career after PhD. This will give you some direction in choosing a topic and also work as an added motive.

  8. Recognise it as a milestone

    Many English literature PhD students fail to realise that this is probably the last big step in their career and they do not study hard. Understand that this is probably the last milestone in your academic life and give your best.

  9. Peer-networking is essential

    You should also network among your peers to get some good ideas.

  10. Ignore the tips above

    Just start writing your dissertation. Stop browsing sites that won’t directly help you in your study.

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