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Where To Find A Winning Sample Dissertation Proposal

Writing a dissertation is one tough job. There are so many small parts that need to work together to create the whole that students can get easily overwhelmed. Pair that with the fact that students need to submit these small parts by the deadlines set by their dissertation committee. Since the process is so overwhelming, students benefit from seeing samples of the various parts. One of the earliest and most difficult steps is writing the dissertation proposal. Fortunately, there are several places you can go to find a well written sample to use as a template.

School Dissertation Database

The first place you can look is your school’s dissertation repository. This is part of the school’s library and it should be available to anyone enrolled in the university or college. These databases are filled with the dissertations that students have written over the years and they include all of the parts of the dissertation. You should be able to find a sample dissertation and download it to your computer. While you should never use the dissertation or any parts of it in your project (unless you properly cite it), you can use pieces of it as a template.

Collegiate Online Writing Labs

Another good place to look is on a collegiate online writing lab. Since college and university students are always in need of writing assistance, schools have built high quality writing labs that all of their students can use when they need to write a large project. The labs include grammar tutorials and writing tutorials on nearly every writing project imaginable. The labs also include samples of different types of writing projects so you should be able to find a sample of the proposal, too. The benefit of using an online writing lab is that you not only get the sample, but you also get instructions on how to write a good proposal.

Writing Websites with Writers for Hire

Writing websites also have samples of everything from high school research paper to doctoral dissertations. If you are really struggling with your proposal, you can always hire a writer to finish it for you. Some of the best writing websites have samples that you can use for templates and most of the time, the samples are completely free. You should use the dissertation repository or the writing lab before you turn to a writing website.

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