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General Tips On How To Interpret Dissertation Results

The results of any dissertation can be interpreted differently depending on who reads it. For instance, a person’s understanding or interest in a particular subject can influence the way they analyze the information presented. For this section of your paper, you are customarily required to simply present your gathered data, accompanied by the methods used and some analysis.

There are several steps to follow when constructing this section and the following short points will provide you with some general tips to help you complete it successfully:

  1. Present relevant data only

    During any investigation or experiment, large amounts of data are gathered with some of them being completely irrelevant to the study. Sift through your information and decide which bits are relevant to the questions posed in your thesis and omit the rest.

  2. Proceed chronologically

    You can choose to go about this in two ways, in alphabetical order, or in order of importance. In the latter, you can structure the information to flow from one point to the other, telling a complete story as you proceed and this method is preferred by most readers.

  3. Use effective methods of data presentation

    Decide upon whether use of graphs, charts or figures would best represent the information you provide. This formatting can significantly influence the impact of the data you present so choose carefully.

  4. Be concise when presenting information

    Do not go into too much detail or provide unnecessary information. If you wish to fully explore a point, you can refer the reader to the section of your project that contains the required information.

  5. Analyze each bit of information

    Present the reader with your interpretation of each bit of information as you state them. Attempt to show how each part connects to the whole project, leading up to your conclusion.

  6. Ensure accurate data

    This is important for any author and researcher, you want to always ensure that the readers can verify the accuracy of your data and this is accomplished by providing a proper reference section. Certain styles also make this process much easier and you can find them easily through an online search.

  7. Have a third party review your final draft

    Even though you take great pains to ensuring that you work is done properly, it is still highly likely that you will overlook some details. You can use this company to overcome this and have a qualified person review your work to ensure high quality.

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