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25 Great Fashion Journalism Dissertation Ideas For College Students

To get a great ideas for your fashion journalism dissertation you will have to work hard. Most college students have a hectic schedule and do not find enough time to get the work done on time. Here are a few great fashion journalism dissertation ideas for college students.

Importance of picking the right topic

Without the right topic you cannot hope to come up with a winning paper. The topic should be able to pique the reader’s interest. It is the first thing that the reader will notice and a stale or over used subject is sure to turn the reader away from your paper. If you want to get good grades and also impress the professor you will have to come up with an interesting subject to work on. The various clothing and style statements over the years can be an interesting subject to work on but you will have to be specific and also come up with unique point.

Some of the great dissertation ideas for college students studying fashion journalism:

  1. The development of high street style. How has the clothing style evolved over the decades and subtle patterns that is shown through these changes?
  2. Gothic clothing and makeup.
  3. Suspenders and skinheads.
  4. Popular cultures and the dressing etiquette.
  5. How has the dressing sense developed among men?
  6. The most applauded contemporary designer.
  7. The color of spring.
  8. How has the use of accessories evolved over the years?
  9. The different styles prevalent in the Middle East countries.
  10. The uniforms used by Nazis.
  11. Recent fashion shows are more about skinny models than cloths.
  12. Dress code prevalent in the early 80s.
  13. A movie that inspired a clothing line.
  14. The development of different types of caps.
  15. Cosplay and the people participating in these events.
  16. Top Halloween trends.
  17. An exotic garment from the late 17th century.
  18. How much does a film star inspire the clothing choice of the fans?
  19. One style that has made a comeback more than once.
  20. The lure of retro dressing and the details that make it perfect.
  21. The hippie wave and its influence on the cloths of that period.
  22. The various subcultures of the 1980s and how the clothing differentiated each one from the other.
  23. One trend from the 90s that has still survived.
  24. How has tattooing evolved from being a lifestyle to a style statement?
  25. Clothing worn by Romans and how it was different from the Greek civilization.
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