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What Are The Components Of An Excellent Art History Dissertation?

Introduction of art history

The history of Art starts with the beginning of human society. At first humans started painting or writing or scribbling on the walls of the caves in which they lived. The first cave paintings were comprised of the sceneries that they saw around them. This is one of reasons cave art has a lot of references to nature, particularly trees, hills, streams, and other elements of nature. There are also enough references of wild animals in these paintings.

Evolution of ancient art

Ancient art has evolved a great deal ever since the first cave man drew the first painting on the wall of the cave. Slowly man moved out of the cave. As man moved out of the cave, he missed the canvas of the cave walls. They started to search for new canvas outside and chose stone as new form of canvas. So they began to practice art on stone and also wrote sculptures on that stone. The art has evolved with the time and has reached to the palace of kings and temples. The best artists started working in the palace and they are paid for their work. We can get the evidence easily if go to visit any ancient and historical place.

These historical places can be found at many ancient civilizations of world. Some of them are:

  • Indus valley civilization
  • Chinese civilization
  • Mesopotamian civilization
  • Egyptian civilization

In India, art has always been attached to the culture of the land. This can be understood by conducting a study of the ancient temples of India. In this respect Tajmahal is a good example of ancient art history. Art can be seen both inside and outside of the palace. Every year many people visit from the many parts of the world.

Dissertation on ancient art

When writing an academic paper on ancient art, you will have to develop an artistic bent of mind. You have to state with the introduction first that how does art come into civilization. After writing introduction of the dissertation you have to gradually move to evaluation. There are many civilizations in the world through which art has evolved. The researcher should go through the study of those civilizations and it will be helpful in your research. The researcher can also include the present conditions of art and how it is related with ancient art.

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