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A List Of Unexplored Engineering Dissertation Ideas

A dissertation is an integral part of gaining your engineering qualifications, but sometimes you just can’t find the right place to start working on it. Research is a long process compromised of many stages. The first and most important step is to find a topic that hasn’t been explored before. Once you know what your dissertation is about, you will be able to start with doing some reading, planning your analysis, and writing your chapters. The following list of topics will give you some ideas to get you started.

Electrical Engineering

Electronics are ubiquitous, whether in homes, in companies, or as part of infrastructure. There is always room for improvement in electrical engineering, so you are sure to find an unexplored area in which to develop your topic.

  1. A new theoretical model of non-linear thermal resistance: implications for the effects of time in temperature rise in power transformers
  2. Computing stray losses in power transformers: a comparison between different computational methods
  3. Computationally efficient design for user-centric metering through wireless network

    Civil Engineering

    In today’s society civil engineers are in higher demand than ever. The construction of a sustainable and safe living environment is a top priority, and your dissertation will contribute make a practical contribution to many communities.

  4. Numerical analysis of wave-induced oscillations in harbours following land reclamation and the impact on navigation
  5. Uncertainty quantification of rotor blades in vertical-axis and horizontal-axis wind turbines
  6. Designs for non-intrusive monitoring of structural health in school buildings in areas vulnerable to seismic activity
  7. Model of optimization for feedback controllers in smart structures

    Environmental Engineering

    The environment is always high on the agenda of governments and other national corporations. Topics on environmental enginering can be easily adapted to investigate environmental issues in your hometown or home country, to make your research even more relevant to your own experiences.

  8. Predicting the impact of high-speed rail transit with different bridge designs on ground borne vibration in urban areas
  9. Control systems in the monitoring of water and energy efficiency on forging sites
  10. The impact introducing voltage reduction devices in households and organizations in the meeting of national carbon emission targets
  11. Monitoring carbon index and electricity usage in energy intensive industries: developing new systems and techniques
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