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Choosing Strong Dissertation Topics In Marketing For MBA

The dissertation is a long and demanding piece of writing, one with which you will spend a great deal of time. The more you enjoy your topic, the more you will enjoy researching and writing your final piece. Picking a dissertation topic in marketing for your M.B.A. can seem like quite a challenge, with a great deal of pressure on you to select something you can accurately cover in the amount of space you have, and something which proves to your review committee that you can complete comprehensive research independently and contribute something positive to your field.

When you set out to select your topic, you should start by reviewing old course notes, old texts, and old course syllabi for potential ideas. Think back to the classes you have completed in the course of your academic career and what ideas you always wanted to pursue further but were unable to at the time.

Try reflecting on magazines, newspapers, or books you have recently read for inspiration related to your field. The magazines do not have to be current but can be things published within the last few years, something that can help stimulate your mind and get you thinking about what contributions you might make. You might even find something that has been covered before, but you can take a new angle on it or conduct new research related to it. Think back to television shows, movies, or documentaries you have watched that pertain to your field or interest. Remember that the more interested you are in your topic, the easier the whole process will be.

  • Look over movies that you have watched or television shows that might have some relevancy to your course. This is a great place to start brainstorming ideas for your topic.
  • Think over what topics you often debate with friends or discuss with family. The things that are most interesting to you may be the things that you talk about the most.
  • You should think back to the topics you have covered in the past or learned about on a rudimentary level in previous courses. If you were interested in learning more about those topics before, this may be your chance. So take some time to brainstorm different ideas, to reflect, and to just clear your mind enough that new possibilities have the opportunity to arise from your subconscious. If you start thinking of potential topics early enough, you will give yourself time to review less viable options and replace them with something more akin to your tastes and interests.
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