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Choosing An Intriguing Dissertation Topic On Family Business For Italians

After the British, French, Spanish, and Dutch arrived in America, other immigrants from other countries then began to arrive in the Land of Opportunity. Many people from Italy came for the opportunity and a better life. Many of these people founded companies, which now exist. Mario Cuomo’s families started with a small market. The hard work and desire helped these people have success. Today, there are certain relations from Italy that still have success working with their relatives all around the world. If you chose to write your dissertation on these people, you could come up with an informative, innovative, and interesting topic. Consider some of these topics:

Subjects for Great Ideas

  • Founders who came through Ellis Island that have companies still exist today in American -see which has lasted the longest
  • The most successful companies by decades and by coutnries9in addition to Italy)
  • The immigrants by regions-compare regions and see which has had the most success
  • New entrepreneurs who are establishing themselves and their brothers, sister, mother, fathers, aunts, uncles, and children
  • The companies by type of business-is there a business that stands out more than the others
  • Couture and the country-the country is quite successful in this field, explore the players and their reputations for quality clothing
  • The automobile and the family business in Italy
  • Food and the famous bakers of the land-who they are and what their specialties are
  • Winemakers families of the country, who they are, how long they have existed, what products they specialize in, who plays what roles in the company
  • Food products companies run by relatives-the kind and the success
  • Money earned by these tight-knit groups-see what kind of money is bing generated and if one industry or group is more successful than the others
  • The companies that still remain and operate in the country
  • Locations around the world where these companies now operate out of, what hey make, how the company was founded, what the profits are
  • Qualities that make a successful company from the area
  • Scandal and these companies-quite a few of these groups have been rocked with scandal, death, suicide, love gone wrong, and crime
  • The Catholic church and these groups-cardinals and companies, the art of the church, and the architecture of the church
  • Mussolini and the companies of the old days-which ones he supported, why he supported them, and do they still exist today
  • Writing Advice

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