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Selecting A Strong Finance Dissertation Topic

The world of finance is filled with many areas of study, investigation, manipulation and exploitation's, along with some legitimate applications. Most bankers, accountants, economists and businessmen usually possess some level of finance studies with some even specializing in this field. Because of the high importance and significant part the dissertation plays in a students final grades, it is not uncommon for them to place large amounts of effort into choosing a topic before they begin writing their paper. Here are some suggestions of strong finance dissertation topics for your consideration:

  1. How has changes in technology and communication affected the growth rate of micro financial activities on the international market?
  2. Should small businesses aspire to become multinational, or should they remain in their localized market range and optimize their activities there?
  3. How can a single person with a small amount of capital enter the international trade market and become a competitive player?
  4. How do large banks obtain the cash on hand to distribute in loan agreements?
  5. How do wars affect the business decisions made by smaller economies of countries that are not involved directly in the war.
  6. Describe the relationship between banks and governments and identify the reason why governments are always willing to bail them out of bankruptcy.
  7. How do emerging markets get optimized by companies upon their discovery?
  8. Is it more viable for a new companies to attempt to create its own, new market or compete in an existing market with many participants?
  9. Who profits more, individuals that put forward the effort to the creation and development of a new company, or the investor that finances them?
  10. How has the internet affected the ways in which we conduct our financial transactions and contracts?
  11. High risk usually means high profits however success seems to rely most on luck and chance. Is this type of market structure responsible for the seemingly advantageous positions wealthy investors have over small ones?
  12. How has a higher availability of education affected the choices made by everyday individuals regarding choices of investment and business?
  13. Should companies be held accountable for the downfall of smaller companies and individuals negatively affected by their business related decisions?
  14. Has the internet improved the ability of a small time business entrepreneur to participate in the global market?
  15. How do bank policies affect the development of rural societies and businesses?
  16. Is there a relationship between house hold economics and that of large businesses and governments?
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