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Coming Up With Powerful Dissertation Topics About Urban Planning

A dissertation is the documentation on a topic of study. It is the culmination of years of thinking, exploring, investigating, finding, and concluding of data. Coming up with a powerful dissertation topic about urban planning begins with the concept paper. In this paper you will state your purpose for the study, the problem you are addressing in the study, and why the study is significant.

Deciding on a topic, and the strength of that topic is ultimately derived from what you wish to accomplish. Do you want to solve a problem regarding urban sprawl? The first thing you must do is succinctly determine what it is that you are trying to address. The best way to do this is through visualization.

Without any words, on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper, sketch or animate your concept. For example, if you are looking to understand the impact large corporations on urban sprawl on cities in the northwest with populations under 20,000 people, you would draw pictures to illustrate this. When you can hand the paper to another person and they can figure out what the problem is in the picture, you have achieved your goal. Your goal is to identify the exact problem that you are trying to address.

Develop a purpose for your study by determining what it is you wish to resolve. From this you can write specific research questions and develop any hypotheses that you wish to investigate. This will be the driver for your entire dissertation. It is through the problem that your dissertation will gain its power.

The topic of urban planning is a wide and vast topic, however infinite problems exist. How you look at urban planning, your view, your perspective, will provide a unique problem. A good question to ask is why is this study important? Who cares? How will addressing your research question add to the existing body of knowledge on urban planning? How is it relevant?

Finding the perfect topic, more specifically, the most powerful topic, is derived from a meaningful study. When you can express the significance of your study in the form of a relevant and existing problem, then you will have found a powerful topic that others will benefit from.

Urban planning is a topic that affects many, even if they don’t realize they are affected by it. In identifying what problem it is that you hope to solve, you can better define your powerful topic.

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