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Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A History Dissertation Proposal

If you need to submit a proposal with your history dissertation, you should stop procrastinating and jumpstart the writing process. First of all, select a topic and gather all the instructions and comments provided by your academic advisor. Then, attend a proposal preparing workshop at your school if there is such a possibility and study the following step-by-step guide on how to complete this piece of writing easily.

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal on History: Vital Steps

It is recommended that you write your dissertation proposal in the present and future tenses by taking these easy steps:

  1. Provide an overview of your research in a brief introduction and revise it after the other sections of your proposal have been written.
  2. Ask a research question and then restate it in the form of statement, identifying what type of a problem you are going to solve in your paper.
  3. Give some background information to capture the reader’s attention, e.g. write about the effects of the past events that can influence the present.
  4. State the purpose of your research, e.g. to investigate, evaluate, or analyze particular historic events and their consequences.
  5. Make sure that you explain how the understanding of past relationships between the events can help people have better lives today.
  6. Explain how you are going to reach the goal of your work by briefly listing the methods and approaches that you consider appropriate.
  7. Place your study in the context through an analysis of key literature sources, including archive documents, official statistics, and historian opinions.
  8. Write about what you expect to find out without focusing on how to test your potential results.
  9. Set the scene by defining the meaning of the key terms and concepts and describing a historical period under the study.
  10. Tell the readers how you are planning to find the evidence, what methodological limitations your study may have, and how you are going to analyze the data.

How to Complete Your History Dissertation Proposal: Final Touches

You should also think ahead and consider what if you confirm your research hypothesis, contradict it, or obtain the results that you will not be able to interpret in the scope of your work.

The final touches include editing your dissertation proposal. You need to cut unnecessary details, ensure that you have included all the required elements, and format the assignment in a proper manner. It is a good idea to find an online tool that will guide you throughout the writing process so that you will finish faster.

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