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The Collection Of Original Dissertation Topics About Education

Well, dissertation require a little bit of work if you want to do them right, but it will be worth it in the end. Making sure that you write an excellent one will be time-consuming, but if you want to do it good, you have to invest in this. And the final product will come out clean and beautiful, worth reading. And maybe if it's an excellent one, some people in power will get to read it, and use it to reform the educational system that doesn't work so good.

  • Kids. How their psychology works, how they learn, at what age, these are all things every educational system should consider. Some around the world are flawed, they present the wrong things at the wrong time, so kids not only get to hate school, they don't learn anything either. It's a very lengthy subject, but one that is worth writing about if you want to do an excellent dissertation.
  • Subjects in school. There are some which should be taken out, some which should be added. Write about a sure that you would like to see being taught in school, for example, Meditation. Easy to learn, enormous advantages from different perspectives, and still, not so many people know about it, sure not actually practice it.
  • Structure. From kindergarten to college, there are many steps a student has to go through before he can say he has finished. Some systems are not structured excellent, keeping kids from their youth to their almost 30's studying, then when they finally finish, they can't find any work on their domain.
  • Jobs. Again, you finish school, where do you work? There are many students with Ph.D., who don't have anything to work because their specialisation isn't hiring at the moment. Or maybe they want someone with more experience, and you can't get experience because you can't find a job to gain it in the first place.
  • Creativity. Most educational systems try to kill it while others try to develop it. As Einstein said, "Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will get you anywhere". Talk about how our creativity is being killed at a young age ( in some systems ) and how important it is for an individual. You want, when you finish school, to become a human being, not a robot, correctly? Or how would you fell if you knew that your kids will be staying in such a system? Try to appeal to the readers sense of parenting.
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